Dear Parents/Guardians:


Our number one concern at Wallace Elementary Middle School is your child/children.  To assure that they reach their highest potential it is important that they: (1) attend school regularly; (2) arrive at school on time prepared for the day; and (3) do their homework. 


I am writing to express my concern regarding the increasing number of students who arrive late to school and/or leave early from school.  Tardiness and leaving early causes an interruption to the instructional day not only for your own child/children but for the others in the classroom.  As such, we want to make every effort to minimize the negative impact.  The following will be implemented beginning Wednesday, March 22, 2017.


Tardiness (A student is tardy at 7:46 AM.  Students should arrive by 7:40 AM to allow for the car line.  Students eating breakfast should arrive by 7:30 AM so that homeroom may begin at 7:45 AM.)


  1. Students must report to the main office and be signed in by a parent/guardian. 
  2. After the fifth tardiness to school is documented, the administration will schedule a conference with the parents/guardians involved to discuss a solution to the problem.
  3. Classes with no tardies for the week will get a Shout Out during Friday announcements.


Early Sign-Out


Reasons for early dismissal shall be limited to the following reasons:

  1. Illness as verified by the school nurse
  2. Verified doctor’s appointments
  3. Court Appearances or family emergencies as verified by the principal or assistant principal.


All requests for early dismissal must be in writing.  Written requests must be presented to the school at the beginning of the school day in which the dismissal will take place.  Phone calls requesting early release of a student will not be accepted. 


Due to the fact that early sign-out of students creates a safety issue and a disruption to the classroom, early dismissals will not be granted after 2:00 PM unless a verified emergency exists and the dismissal is approved by the principal or the assistant principal. 



We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that your child/children are in school for the entire school day.  If you have ANY concerns or questions concerning these practices, please do not hesitate to call me. 




 Janice L. Henson, Principal

Tdap Vaccine
DHEC will be working with our school district to provide Tdap vaccine to current sixth graders in the Spring of 2017.  Our upcoming clinic is a convenient way to get your child the Tdap vaccine to meet the 7th grade vaccination requirements.  Permission slips were sent out on Friday, March 17, 2017.  Please complete both sides and return to the school within five days.

Palmetto Gold Award

 Beta Club Award 


Please continue to save 
Box Tops for Education, and
Tyson Project A+ Labels.
  Our school can earn free educational
merchandise with the collection of these.  They are to be turned in to
Ms. Marilyn Harrington in the Parent Coordinator's Office.


 Our Mission:
The mission of Marlboro County School District is to educate
and enable
all students to achieve their highest potential

Our Vision:
The School District of Marlboro County will partner with
businesses, and communities to develop the next generation
of responsible
citizens, lifelong learners, and global leaders.

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